Signs that you may need Home Care

There is no shame in requiring a carer. In fact, it is more than likely that at some point in our lives the majority of us will need the help of a carer in our lives. Needing a carer doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ill or that you need physical help. It could be […]

Ways to help the elderly avoid loneliness

Ways to help the elderly avoid loneliness Social isolation is something that older generations can be much more vulnerable to suffering and this can negatively impact their health.  As family members may grow up and move on to having families of their own, their house that may have once been a bustling social environment with […]

The Big Spring Clean

We all know how easy it is to collect things over the years, only to see them sit in a corner and watch them collect dust. Whether it is that old piece of furniture that you just can’t part ways with. Or that chipped vase that ‘might come in handy’ at some point in the […]

Hazelwood’s Grand Spring Prize Draw 

We want our staff to know how much we appreciate all of the hard work and dedication they show week in and week out. Not only to us but to our clients as well. Each and every one of you is special and we wanted to create something we could do in order to recognise […]

Civic Pride Rossendale Planter Donation

For nearly 20 years Civic Pride Rossendale  has been transforming Rossendale. Driven by volunteers, Civic Pride’s aim is to make Rossendale into a better place to live and to work, unlocking all of it’s incredible natural potential. Through hard work and commitment, they have achieved so much from restoring public gardens to their former beauty, […]

Hazelwood’s award triumph

Hazelwood’s award triumph Recently, we had the pleasure of attending the Rossendale Business Awards 2021, where we were awarded with this year’s Medium Business Award! It is a wonderful feeling to have all of our hard work and dedication recognised and celebrated.  At Hazelwood, it is our mission to ensure that we are delivering excellent […]

Homecare vs Care home

Home care V.S Care home  When considering care there are a few different avenues that you can go down to best suit you. The two that may first jump to mind are the classic two: home care or residential/care home. Both have their advantages and are extremely useful services, but ultimately the choice best suited […]

Carers Performance Contest Winners

    Performance contest winners! Massive congratulations and well done to the first quarter winners of the performance contest. The results are now in: Well done to everyone involved, the effort put in by all was absolutely fantastic! The competition was fierce but in the end, the six finalists clinched the prizes by some truly exemplary performances.  0 […]

We are sponsoring the new Pride of the Valley Award

      We have been very honoured to be nominated for Employer of the Year for the last two years under the Rossendale Business Awards scheme and very proud to have won on both occasions.   This year, they are launching a new category- The pride of the Valley and we have chosen to sponsor […]

We Want YOU!

We are currently recruiting carers to work within the Rossendale area. So if you are inderappreciated and over worked  in your current employment, or you are totally new to care and want to make a difference, then give us a call today on 01706 836423 and ask for an application form, or click this link […]