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Civic Pride Rossendale Planter Donation

For nearly 20 years Civic Pride Rossendale  has been transforming Rossendale.

Driven by volunteers, Civic Pride’s aim is to make Rossendale into a better place to live and to work, unlocking all of it’s incredible natural potential. Through hard work and commitment, they have achieved so much from restoring public gardens to their former beauty, to clearing up litter in a bid to make Rossendale green again.

Rossendale is justly proud of its industrial heritage but with the loss of its manufacturing industries, the area declined and empty shops, litter strewn streets and neglected community gardens were becoming the norm. Civic Pride Rossendale volunteers helped change all that helping to put time and effort back into their beloved community. We are very happy to have had the opportunity to donate a large garden box to Crawshawbooth, doing our part to help out their efforts to make Rossendale once again, a green town one planter donation at a time!

Keep an eye out if you are passing and have a nosey for our planter donation. We got a location just below Crawshawbooth Library and Community Centre, you can’t miss it when driving along Burnley Road. It’s right next to the food bank donation and collection box! 

We are looking forward to seeing the plants get established in our planter donation and add even more colour to the blooming Crawshawbooth!

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