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Ways to help the elderly avoid loneliness

Ways to help the elderly avoid loneliness

Social isolation is something that older generations can be much more vulnerable to suffering and this can negatively impact their health. 

As family members may grow up and move on to having families of their own, their house that may have once been a bustling social environment with people in and out through the day can become quiet. As a result, loneliness can become more common for the older generation and leave them feeling isolated within their own homes. The important thing is knowing the ways in which elderly people can still enjoy the fun in life by doing things that can positively impact both their mental and physical health! So we have compiled a list of possible ways that can help the elderly avoid loneliness.


Join a Group 

Conversation with likeminded people can go a long way. There are so many groups available from physical groups that meet up regularly, to online groups through social media. Community centres and libraries are a great way to find what groups are in the local communities. 

Go for meals out

Being stuck inside can be frustrating to say the least and one simple way to solve that issue is to go for meals outside of the house. Even if it is just a couple times a week, scheduling in a regular meal out can be a great way to catch up with family and friends and can even be a way to try new things at restaurants never before visited. Whether it’s a simple afternoon tea or a three course meal, being out and about like this can be invaluable!

Walking groups

Staying fit and healthy is something that is very important as we get older. An easy way to do this whilst also being able to socialise is to join a local walking group. This can get you out and about, seeing new places whilst being surrounded by like minded people and keeping yourself active. Two things that can have a majorly positive impact on one’s mental health as well as their physical health.

Joining a fitness centre

As mentioned above, staying physically active can be really important when it comes to getting older. Joining a local fitness centre can give you access to a variety of classes and ways to keep yourself moving! Lots of fitness centres also have lots of classes aimed at older people, so don’t worry about straining yourself, it’s all good fun!

Staying in touch

Mental stimulation is just as important as physical. It can be easy to let relationships slide when you are feeling isolated which is why making the effort to stay in touch with those around you is so important! A good way to stay in touch is through smart devices, tablets in particular are very good for older people as they have much bigger screens and writing, whilst still being more portable than laptops/computers.This can also help with the joining of online groups!

There are so many ways to combat the isolation that can accompany old age and we hope that this can help in even the smallest way with some simple ways to help the elderly avoid loneliness. We as a company offer social visits for those who struggle to stay in touch with the people in their lives, find out more here.

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